Club marks anniversary with awards

A LOCAL Tai Chi Club has marked its landmark 10th anniversary by awarding some club members with their sashes.

The Palms Tai Chi Club was formed 10 years ago.

Until 2010 the club was not affiliated to any awarding body and sashes and gradings could not be awarded.

But the club received its official Affiliation Certificate from the International Budo Association recently after proving the club was of a good standard, with proper teaching being carried out.

And the following sashes have now been awarded - Brown Sash - Robert [Bob] Price; Green Sash - Irene Jephcott, Julie Watson, Philip Watson and Keith Meakin; Yellow Sash - Vivian Sloan and Shelagh Price; White Sash - Sylvia Elliott.

Philip has also begun to learn the Bo-staff and Keith is making the group wooden swords to enable people to learn new forms.

Palms Tai Chi Club meets at the County Hotel in Skegness on Monday mornings from 10am to 11.30am. The sessions are £2 each week. Gradings and Certificates are free and sashes are £4.50.

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Glennis Rogerson runs the club. She also teaches Healing through the Healers 2006 [] and there are vacancies for the learning of Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine and Healing should anyone be interested.

If you would like to learn any Therapy or are interested in learning tai chi contact Glennis on 01754 610726.