Clampdown on rat run speeders in Skegness

PC Sally West during a speed check in Everington's Lane, Skegness. ANL-180327-100620001
PC Sally West during a speed check in Everington's Lane, Skegness. ANL-180327-100620001

Police have stepped up their operation to wipe out speeding on a road used as a rat run in Skegness.

The problem is nothing new to the residents of Everingtons Lane - but they say roadworks in Burgh Road have made it worse, and this is even before the influx of visitors at Easter.

Last week the police posted their response on social media:

Coast NPT Sgt Geoff Harrison tweeted:

“You said: ‘Speeding Everingtons Lane, Skegness’.

C group response replied:

5 x speeding traffic offence reports

1 x Arrest disqualified driving

1 x Arrest possession with intent to supply class A and B drugs.”

In March last year, the Standard joined PC Sally West on an operation in the lane to raise awareness of the problem, and speak to residents.

One resident had gone as far as to display a scarecrow in his garden wearing a hi-vis vest and even made his own 30mph sign, only to have it destroyed by an irate driver.

Preferring not to be named, she said: “My husband has faced abuse several times for trying to slow people down.

“Lots of people have dogs, but you put yourself in danger every time you go out to take them for a walk.”

PC West commented: “We are still having problems with speeding in Everingtons Lane, which according to the residents has been exacerbated through the recent road works on Burgh Road.

“One of the residents emailed me at the beginning of March saying: ‘Now the road works have started on Burgh Road our street is more of a rat run than ever’.

“Recently officers spent some time down there doing some enforcement, which resulted in five speeding tickets, an arrest for disqualified driving, and an arrest for possession of drugs with intent to supply.

“This enforcement was led by Sgt Geoff Harrison. Further enforcement will be conducted in the future with the intention of trying to get some longer term solution in place.”

Yesterday (Tuesday), residents said they were pleased police had taken action, but more still needs to be done.

The resident we spoke to a year ago said: “What we really need is a speed camera down here. We had a flashing 30mph sign and that slowed people down for a couple of days, and a camera in a police vehicle caught a few people, but it’s never ending.

“We are very pleased the police have taken action, though.”