Church in urine row

A CHURCH in Spilsby has been asked to keep better control over its visitors’ behaviour after a grounds-keeper complained that urine had been repeatedly thrown at him.

Spilsby Town Councillor Phil Odling learnt of the unsavoury attacks after stopping to applaud the council employed maintenance man for his quality grass-cutting work at St James Church, Spilsby.

During the ensuing conversation, Coun Odling heard to his dismay that a group of drinkers, who spend much of their time in the churchyard, regularly fill empty cans with urine to throw at him and his colleagues.

Reporting his findings at the latest Spilsby Town Council meeting, Coun Odling said: “I find that totally unacceptable.

“I feel we need to write a letter to the church, explaining what has happened and tell them that we cannot tolerate this in the future and that if it was to continue then the churchyard would have to look after itself because I don’t see why we should be paying someone to have urine thrown on themselves.

“The church should take some responsibility and move these people on - it seems to have taken a very lenient attitude and lets them stay.”

Councillors met the news with equal disgust and agreed a letter should be written to address the issue.

Coun Peter Grant said the drinkers in question were at the churchyard ‘most of the time’ and Coun Gill Rhymer believed the prctice had been ‘going on for years’.