Christmas tree cancellation

FESTIVE spirits could be dampened by the news that one fewer Christmas tree will be on public display in Skegness this year.

Skegness Town Council heard that a tree could not be situated at the usual spot at the top of Lumley Road as there was no power supply.

Mayor of Skegness Coun Steve Kirk said it was ‘disappointing’ to have heard about the problem at such a late stage but raised the possibility of a new location for future years.

“Next year we could explore the possibility of setting the tree up on the area next to the train station,” he said.

“It would look fantastic if you looked out of the train window and saw the Skegness was open for business this Christmas.”

The power supply issue has arisen following changes carried out by Lincolnshire County Council to the traffic lights at Lumley Square.

As part of its attempts to improve traffic flow with alterations to the signal changes, the power supply was also changed.

Previously the Christmas lights could be powered by drawing electricity from the traffic lights’ supply but that is no longer possible.

Traditionally the town council have also funded the cost of lighting a Christmas tree on display outside the Hildreds Centre and this will go ahead as normal, as will the Christmas illuminations throughout the town.

There will also be many other Christmas celebrations taking place in the town and across the region this year to ensure that festive spirits are not dampened too significantly.

Late night Christmas shopping takes place throughout December at the Hildreds Centre and there is also a Victorian Market scheduled for early December.