CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: Coun Dick Edginton, Mayor of Skegness

The Mayor of Skegness is urging residents to work together to make the resort a leading holiday destination.

In his Christmas and New Year message, Coun Dick Edginton warns of challenging times ahead but says the level of business investment in the town is positive.

He said: “2017 is almost upon us, so what will it hold for Skegness? There will be challenges ahead.

“Reduced government support for councils is forcing the principal authorities to make difficult decisions regarding the services they provide.

“On a positive note the level of private business investment in the town is most welcome and shows confidence in Skegness as a leading holiday destination.

“Skegness is a great town and working together we can keep it that way.”

Since becoming Mayor in May, Coun Edginton has attended 77 engagements and will be out on Christmas Day visiting residents of Syne Hills Care Home.

He said: “I have enjoyed attending the events. Some are lighthearted and some less so because of the seriousness of them.

“Carnival Week was fun but I was privileged to lead the town’s homage at the Remembrance Parade.

“Finally, I wish all Skegness residents a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and a trouble free and prosperous 2017.”