Charity runners aim to lead Seabank marathon attempt

Canicross Horncastle member Tracy Evans and dog Oscar.
Canicross Horncastle member Tracy Evans and dog Oscar.

Canicross Horncastle member Tracy Evens.

The Canicross Midlands team forms part of one of the largest independent groups of runners with dogs in the UK.

In Canicross, the runner wears a running belt, the dog wears a special running harness and the two are attached with a bungee line.

Established in 2012, the idea is to ‘harness the energy of both runners, human and dog’.

The team includes eight people from Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Tracy Evens, from Horncastle, said: “I had heard about the Seabank marathon before, but had no idea you could do it as a team, I don’t have the time to train for a full marathon.”

The Seabank Marathon is in its 38th year and starts at 9am in Boston Market Place on June 26.

The annual event takes runners through the town centre before joining the banks of the River Haven.

The route then takes participants along quiet country lanes, and then farmland before joining the seabank and then into Skegness.

It supports the work Macmillan Cancer Support carries out locally.

Ms Evans added: “Macmillan is a charity I feel very strongly about, like most people I have had family members affected by cancer, but I also work closely with the Macmillan Nurses at work and get to see firsthand the fantastic work they do.”

Macmillan Cancer Support nurses and volunteers give their time to support people from diagnosis through their treatment and beyond.

They help with questions and worries along with givng advice about things like work arrangements.

Jamie Davenport, fundraising manager for Macmillan said: “Each year we see something completely different at the marathon.

“I appreciate that the weather conditions need to be right for the dogs to run and that a hot day would not be suitable, but it’s great that the marathon is seeing this kind of support from different regional groups.

“Thank you so much for raising money for Macmillan.”

Registration is still open for the Seabank Marathon - for more details visit

For more information on the work of Macmillan visit