Charity event in Wainfleet honours local man

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A sponsored dog walk in memory of a Wainfleet man who died in a traffic accident, aged just 20, has raised hundreds of pounds for charity.

The event was held recently in Wainfleet in remembrance of Matthew Steels-Chambers, who died in 2008.

It saw family and friends – and pets – complete a 3km route in support of The Compassionate Friends, a national charity that supports bereaved families.

In all, it raised £740 for the cause.

Matthew’s mum Marianne Chambers, 50, of Wainfleet, is a volunteer for The Compassionate Friends and organised the walk.

Of the cause behind it, she said: “The Compassionate Friends allows parents like myself to keep their children’s memory alive through sharing stories, supporting others, or fundraising.

“It is run by bereaved parents whose aim it is to help and support other bereaved families and also to help guide them through those early days when they have lost their child, and if anyone would like to donate to the charity or would like to speak to someone about any of the issues above then our helpline is 08451 232304 and they will put you in touch with myself or someone in your area.”

Matthew’s family are aiming to raise £20,000 for the charity – £1,000 for every year of his life.

His brother Ben, 25, will be completing a sponsored bike ride in Liverpool this month.

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