Chapel Village Hall extension project seeks volunteers


The Chapel St Leonards Village Hall extension project is looking for skilled enthusiasts.

The village hall provides social and leisure activities to the local community and as the demand for facilities grows, the committee have responded by agreeing the need for an extension project.

Committed community volunteers have met with officers at East Lindsey District Council and the Council for Voluntary Services and parish councillors, to agree the best way forward.

The potential to secure funds relies on the project putting together a strong ‘business plan’ for community facilities, such as sports changing rooms and storage.

Chairman of the village hall Chris Lewry said: “The group need a range of people with the right skills to make it happen. We are keen to encourage people with a range of skills including project management, administrative, financial and communications skills to join the project team and make the village hall extension a reality.”

James Ward, grants officer at East Lindsey District Council, said: “With the right project plan in place, there are real opportunities to access the funds to complete this project and I would encourage people with the right skills to come forward and join the working group.”

Independent group District councillor Hazel Newcombe said: “The village hall is the hub of Chapel St Leonards. It’s where all the local clubs and groups gather in our small village.

“The hall is used by all age groups, young and old, and is very popular and well patronised.

“The Saturday boot sales do especially well when on and the need for an extension project only serves to show it’s a victim of it’s own success.”

The next project meeting is on April 14 and anyone wanting to get involved should contact Coun Fiona Brown on or call 07737 713550.