Changes to the licensing of ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation’ regulations come into force soon


Changes in legislation affecting the licensing law for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) will come into effect on October 1, 2018, and landlords in East Lindsey are being asked to make sure they understand the new rules.

Currently owners of certain types of HMO require a licence to operate, and one of the qualifying criteria for this licence is that the property has at least three stories.

From October, the three-storey criteria will be removed and all HMOs that meet the criteria will require a licence to operate.

This means that properties occupied by five or more people who are not all members of one household, and where the flats are not fully self-contained (ie. tenants share kitchens/bathrooms, or have to cross a common hallway to access another part of their flat) will require a licence from that date.

Owners and managers of such a property should contact East Lindsey District Council’s Housing Standards team on 01507 601111, to discuss this directly with them.

As this is a national licensing scheme, failure to apply for a licence by October 1 would constitute an offence that may require ELDC to take enforcement action, which may lead to the prosecution or a civil penalty of up £30,000.

Principal Housing Standards Officer, Austen Ellis, said: “This is a significant change to the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation, and we don’t want to see owners and managers of those properties caught out.

“If you own or manage a House in Multiple Occupation and think this applies to you please get in touch with us, so we can discuss it further.”

Further details of the Council’s procedures can be found on our website at