‘Celebrity’ attraction at the Parrot Zoo

Oswald the emu
Oswald the emu

A 28-year-old ‘celebrity’ has become the latest attraction at Friskney Parrot Zoo.

Oswald the emu has retired to the zoo after a 20-year career in showbiz, making appearances in several shows and TV ads.

Steve Nichols, the zoo’s general manager, said: “Oswald is an amazing character, he’s so laid back taking it all in his stride and they’re big strides I will tell you.

“If you ever seen an emu on a television advertisement or program, then the chances are it’s Oswald.

“The staff are amazed at just how friendly he is. No doubt he will be a big hit with the visitors if he can be bothered to make an appearance – they can be touchy these celebs!”

He added: “We seem to becoming the venue for either celebrity animals such as Oswald or celebrities retiring their pets, as we now have parrots from Derren Brown, Chesney off Coronation Street and Natalie from Eastenders, just need one from Emmerdale and we have the set.”

The centre hold more than 1,800 parrots at any one time, and also keeps meerkats and other exotic animals.