Celebrating 30 years of annual shows

Janice Sutton's Babes on Broadway production from 1985.
Janice Sutton's Babes on Broadway production from 1985.

A theatre school in Skegness has celebrated 30 years of annual summer shows at the resort’s Embassy Theatre.

On Thursday, Centre Stage opened at the Embassy Theatre - the latest annual summer production to be staged at the venue by Janice Sutton Theatre School in a tradition now spanning three decades.

Janice Sutton production at the Embassy Theatre.

Janice Sutton production at the Embassy Theatre.

Billed as ‘a celebration of 30 years bringing unrivalled, professional, top class entertainment to the East Coast’, the show was met with a standing ovation on its opening night.

Janice spoke to The Standard about the school’s first summer production at the venue, some 30 years ago.

She said: “I was putting on shows at Arcadia Theatre and Derbyshire Miners Holiday Centre 10 years before this when Lesley Shepherd, manager of the Embassy Theatre, approached me to put a show on to open the new Embassy Theatre in 1985 and also try a Friday night show to see how it goes!

“I thought it would be a one-off but it became a great success!”

She added: “It meant a lot to me to have this opportunity for my talented dancers, but I was apprehensive as I was competing against major showbiz names!”

In addition to the annual summer shows, the school also stages Christmas and New Year productions at the Embassy every year.

Reflecting on three decades of annual productions at the Embassy, Janice said: “I know I am on a roller coaster, but after 30 years at the Embassy I can’t get my feet off it!

“When I hear a piece of music it plants a seed in my head for another show! And after the standing ovation we received on the first night of Centre Stage, we know we are the pride of Skegness!”

The latest production, Centre Stage, runs at the venue until September 10, with shows every Thursday at 7.30pm.

Tickets, starting £9.30, are available from 0845 674 0505 or www.embassytheatre.co.uk