CCTV plans come under fire


A proposal to close a CCTV control centre in Skegness has come under fire from councillors in the town.

The plan to transfer image surveillance to a facility in Boston is due to be considered by East Lindsey District Council’s Executive Board next week.

It has been agreed that images would be relayed by a fibre optic link after the operator concluded that wireless transmission between Skegness and Boston was not practical.

However, continued doubts were raised about the scheme at this week’s full meeting of Skegness Town Council.

Coun Steve Kirk described it as a “duff idea” and called for a special council meeting to consider the issue.

Coun Phil Kemp said: “It is almost as if a decision has been made and presented to us as an after thought. I see nothing in this for Skegness, you cannot budget for community safety.”

The discussion followed a recent meeting to consider the issue between representatives from Skegness Town Council, East Lindsey District Council and Boston Borough Council.

A spokesman from East Lindsey District Council said the Executive Board would decide on Tuesday whether to “progress with the initiative and necessary consultation.”