Car parking charges U-turn ‘no surprise’


A Burgh le Marsh landlord says he is not surprised East Lindsey District Council is proposing a U-turn of charges in previously free car parks.

Trev Hammersley, landlord of the Fleece, supported the controversial introduction of charges when they were brought in two years ago because people were clogging up the car park by parking there and using other transport to get to work, rather than pay charges in Skegness.

He said: “The council thought they would make money out of this but they are not.

“Two hours is more than enough to pop into the pub or do their shopping.

“The only people who have been caught out are people who park up and pop to a shop for 10 minutes and then come back and find a ticket and wonder why they have a £25 fine.

“All along I’ve said all that is needed is an 8ft x 4ft board with a ‘four hour maximum parking warning’, after which they would be clamped. But we’ll see what happens.”

The Horncastle news, revealed last month that ELDC’s new leader Craig Leyland had set up a scrutiny panel to look at the entire issue of car park charges.

The ELDC scrutiny panel was set to present its findings to the council on Wednesday, recommending some charges could be scrapped.

However, an ELDC spokesman said: “The car parking report was withdrawn from the meeting to allow further work to be undertaken.”

The report will now go to the December meeting of council.