Can you help find a home for dogs of the month Georgie and Bess?

Georgie and Bess are looking for a home.
Georgie and Bess are looking for a home.
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A dedicated dog charity is hoping to find a forever home for two lovable pooches who found friendship themselves in the pound.

Georgie and Bess, sadly with their futures looking very bleak, found comfort together and were lucky enough to have both been rescued by the Keith’s Rescue Dogs charity.

That was a few years ago, now the bond between the pair has only got stronger and the pals are looking for a loving home together but it is a slow process said Keith for the charity, he said: “It is rare that any home will adopt more than one dog at a time which makes it a real challenge to keep them both together. There is no question in my mind that this pair must remain together.”

Tracey, who looks after Georgie and Bess in the kennels added: “They are fun, quite boisterous and happy dogs – very excited to meet new humans but also settle very quickly – they are inseparable but they do love human interaction and would make wonderful family pets – as anyone who has owned Staffordshire Terriers will tell you.”

If you think you can offer Georgie and Bess a forever home together please get in touch with the charity on 01754 763543.