Campaign to give Skegness year-round appeal to visitors

Town manager Lisa Collins (centre) at the campaign launch.
Town manager Lisa Collins (centre) at the campaign launch.

A campaign is being launched to turn Skegness into a year-round destination.

Tourism bosses hope to boost visitor numbers during the winter months through the marketing initiative.

It is aimed at tapping into the lucrative business conference trade as well as extending the holiday season.

Local businesses are backing the plans put forward by Skegness Partnership and town manager Lisa Collins.

A group has been formed to take the ideas forward and launch a promotion campaign.

Lisa said: “We are aiming to boost tourism out of season and promote Skegness as a conference and business venue. Business delegates visit Skegness, possibly bring family with them, see what we can offer and then hopefully come back again.”

She added: “The beach and outdoor elements could be used for team building exercises.

“In the countryside we could be looking at bushcraft exercises or mud runs – it is a real avenue to explore.”