Call for warning signs after family pet’s death in Skegness

Jodie Knight with Maggie who died after falling in a boating lake in Skegness. ANL-190907-102446001
Jodie Knight with Maggie who died after falling in a boating lake in Skegness. ANL-190907-102446001

A heartbroken dog walker is calling for permanent ‘warning’ signage around a boating lake in Skegness following the death of her beloved pet.

Jodie Knight’s ‘best friend’ slipped into the lake on the South Parade end of the town in February. But after recent reports of blue-green algae in the lake, Jodie now wants to warn others to be vigilent.

“I took my beautiful healthy four-year-old Maggie for her usual walk and she slipped into the lake,” said Jodie. “She was scrambling to get out and I helped her but she was bleeding heavily from her claws and paws.

“I took advice from the vets and nursed her but she became very ill.

“When I took her to the vet’s it was the first of five trips. After two courses of antibiotics, it became clear Maggie contracted a bacterial infection, which shut my poor dog’s body down bit by bit. Maggie contracted tetanus and I had to make the decision on March 10 to have my Maggie put to sleep.

“It was the hardest two weeks of our lives - we lost our beautiful best friend. I am absolutely heartbroken

“Maggie wasn’t just a dog - she was our family, my daughter’s best friend, mine and my husband’s best friend.

“Skegness boating lake needs permanent warning signs on a permanent basis. No other family should have to go through this.”

Jodie says she has written to East Lindsey District Council and MP for Boston and Skegness Matt Warman regarding the incident.

Duncan Hollingworth, Buildings and Property Service Manager at ELDC, said: “We are very sorry to hear that Maggie has died and appreciate this is a very tough time for Mr and Mrs Knight. Whilst we are treating the Boating lake for the blue-green algae that has been identified we have put signage in place to advise people and pets not to come into contact with the water.

“We don’t, however, believe the blue-green algae was present in the boating lake during February when Maggie become ill. We’d always advise people to be extra careful around open water.”