CAFA set for beach clean up


The Coastal Access for All (CAFA) volunteers will be out in force on Saturday, July 19 in their latest beach clean up.

The first group will meet outside the X-Site Skatepark on North Parade in Skegness at 10am.

The group will be made up of general volunteers, assisted by local branches of the Army Cadets, Fire Cadets and volunteers from Skegness’s Storehouse, lead by Pastor Dave Middleton.

The second group will meet outside the old Coastwatch Tower at Winthorpe, near The View pub and restaurant, off Winthorpe Avenue, also at 10am.

The second group will comprise of general CAFA volunteers and the aim for both groups on the day during the clean up, which typically lasts between two to three hours is clearing the beach of any litter; ensuring that the beach is kept litter free, removing any waste that could be dangerous for beach users or animals. However, any time people can give is most welcome, no matter how small.

Paul Marshall, CAFA group leader said: “When a plastic bag breaks up in the sea, it breaks into thousands of small pieces and this is harmful for the environment and it is thought by some that the amount of plastic in the sea could now be entering the food chain.”

“As well as clearing the beach of litter we will also be clearing the walkways of sand so people can enjoy walking along the beach,” he added.

On Wednesday, July 19, Paul will also be out clearing sand with a Bobcat at Trunch Lane, Chapel St Leonards.

During the groups last beach clean up a used drum of engine oil was found washed up and was successfully disposed of from the beach.