Butlins welcomes 50 new faces after hundreds of Redcoat hopefuls audition

Some of the new faces at Butlins. Photo supplied.
Some of the new faces at Butlins. Photo supplied.

Butlins has welcomed 50 new new faces after auditioning hundreds of hopefuls looking to don the famous red coat.

February half-term sparks the start of Butlins’ holiday season, and the new recruits have been busy learning all about what families want from a holiday.

They will also be fully trained in a range of skills - including street theatre and singing.

Hundreds of aspiring young people went through a rigorous interview process to become the next group of Butlins famous Redcoats.

Only 50 were lucky enough to succeed, and they’ll be joining 50 from the class of 2012.

With unemployment levels of 18-24 year olds reaching over 20% in 2012, Butlins recruitment drive has given many the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Jamie Thomson, a former Redcoat and now Entertainment Manager, said: “We were looking for great people firstly - those who really shone for who they were, rather than what they could do.

“We’ve found an amazing group of young people who, in such tough times finding work, have shown nothing but absolute enthusiasm for hard work and a real desire to help our guests have a brilliant holiday.”

After months of hard work the successful recruits received their iconic Redcoats from Mike Godolphin, Director for Butlins (and former Redcoat himself) for the first time last week at the ‘Big Send Off’ party held at Butlins Minehead, before they start work across the three Butlins resorts, where they’ll live on site, from February.

They’ll join the long list of famous people to perform at Butlins including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Stephen Mulhern, Madness, Peter Andre, Status Quo and Westlife.

They’ll host the UK’s holidaying families until November, when they’ll attend a graduation ceremony and have the chance to progress into the performance team, other roles within the company or complete the second year of the new “Butlins Academy”.

Butlins expects to welcome 1.5million people to its three UK parks in 2013.