Work to halt brain drain

Transnational delegates at a recent conference in Terni, Italy.
Transnational delegates at a recent conference in Terni, Italy.

Skegness’s inclusion in a blossoming transnational network is hoped to create exciting new entrepreneurial opportunities for young people in the town.

Youngsters from across the network have been invited to develop a multilingual website, promoting tourism and business relations between each of its three partner towns, including Skegness.

Reverend Fran Jeffries of St Matthew’s Church was among a consortium of delegates who devised the novel initiative at a recent transnational conference held in Terni, Italy.

She hopes the project will demonstrate to ambitious young Skegnessians that an exciting and rewarding future is available in their home town.

“This is a very important development because in each of the three areas within the network there are major issues with young people going off to university and not returning because they don’t think there are sufficient opportunities to come back to,” she said.

“By involving young people in their communities and helping them to develop their particular skills, we can make them realise that there is something here for them.”

The website will feature content promoting each of the towns’ enticing attributes under five key headings including gastronomy, culture and famous landmarks with the aim of developing tourism and business opportunities across the network.

Skegness Active Youth, a loose association of youngsters recruited from local secondary schools, youth clubs and GFS Platform, a charity supporting young women in Skegness, has been invited to create the website.

They will be taking part in a training workshop on May Day Bank Holiday, May 6, to learn how to record, edit and upload video to the website under each of the five headings.

A number of Skegness entrepreneurs have also been invited to talk at the event in the hope of inspiring the youngsters to develop their own business opportunities off the back of this initial venture.

Coun Neil Cooper, who also attended the Italian conference, believes there can be further opportunities for businesses to capitalise throughout the network.

He recommended that a business directory for each of the network’s partner towns be created to help foster international trade links between companies operating within related fields of industry.

If you would like to get involved with the youth scheme contact Revd Jeffries on 01754 763875.