‘Where’s the justice?’ asks Chapel St Leonards landlord

A landlord is furious with the justice system after he was left unable to remove non-paying tenants from his Chapel St Leonards property, despite winning a court order for possession.

John Webb says the order made last month at Skegness Magistrates Court is ‘not worth the paper it’s written on’ and has been left shocked and horrified by the impotence of the legal system in defending his property rights.

“The court system does nothing for land lords like me - its completely flawed,” he said.

“Where’s the justice?”

Despite paying no rent since December last year, Mr Webb’s tenants remain in his property and have even been gloating about the situation, he says.

Mr Webb claims to be more than £6,000 out of pocket as a result of legal fees and the rent he is owed on the property, for which he is still paying off the mortgage.

And despite winning the order for possession, he believes there will be further costs and lengthy delays while he attempts to arrange for bailiffs to remove the tenants, requiring yet another court hearing.

He has even been warned by police not to return to the property in the meantime or he could face charges of harassment, he says.

“I’m totally disgusted by it all,” he said.

“This has cost me a lot of money that I’m not going to get back and they are free to abuse the system.

“Personally, I believe these people should not be able to rent from a private landlord because I feel sorry for the next person that gets them.”

The despondent property owner fears the justice system is stacked in the favour of tenants, even when they are breaching judges’ orders and effectively trespassing.

He has called for a list to be drawn up with the names of nuisance tenants to prevent others like him being subjected to the same costs and drawn out process.

“Anyone who lets their property to people like these are going to end losing out on a lot of money,” he said.

“There should be a list that people can check to save them from going through what I have gone through.”