Welcome return for Franklin plaque

AN HISTORICAL plaque marking the birthplace of Spilsby’s most famous son is back on publis show, aftert being restored by the building’s new owners.

The plaque honouring Sir John Franklin was taken down shortly after Coupland’s bakers moved onto the site of his former home in the High Street earlier this year.

Its absence sparked some concern from local residents, who feared it had been taken down permanently.

Coupland’s has always insisted that the plaque’s temporary removal was to allow for it to be lovingly restored after years of exposure to the elements.

And the company recently returned it to pride of place on the exterior of their shop.

Town mayor Michael Lenton is deligthed that the plaque has returned, and that a private firm took it upon itself to restore something of great importance to many local people.

“It’s a very generous thing for them to do,” he said. “The shop’s manager and area manager had both assured me that its absence was only so it could be rennovated, and I was most delighted when it re-appeared.

“It’s a great example of private enterprise being midful of a community’s history and being helpful,” he added.

Helen Warman, the area manager for Coupland’s in Lincolnshire, said: “We respect the heritage of every town we move into.”

She added that when the shop was first taken over the firm had noticed that the plaque was needing some repair, especially the wooden backing which attached it to the wall.

She continued: “The plaque has now been fully restored and it back in it rightful position.”