VIDEO: Man vs Food 37 inch Hot Dog Challenge test run in Skegness

A belly busting challenge of monstrous proportions is set to take place next Friday in collaboration with an action packed weekend of stock car racing.

Michael Moody, who runs the Flame Grill Burger Co at Skegness Stadium, is expecting hundreds of glutinous guzzlers to attempt his ‘Man vs Food Hot Dog Challenge’ at the Marine Boathouse - starting celebrations for the 30th annual Speed Weekend.

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The crazy caterer has devised a hot dog of gargantuan proportions - 37 inches of prime pork sausage, an entire baguette and a catering sized onion - which the competitors are expected to devour at record breaking speed.

“The interest in this mammoth task is so unbelievable,” said Michael.

“Many people want to do it, everyone knows somebody who says they will smash it, everywhere I go people are talking about it - it’s going to go viral.”

A trial run taster held at the Marine last night saw seven stuffed stomachs stretched to capacity as food triumphed over all but three of the competitors.

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Taking top spot after a closely fought finish was 25-year-old Cameron Stainton, with a time of 8m 52s.

“It was more of an ordeal that it was a challenge,” said Cameron.

“My jaw’s in agony.”

Narrowly missing out in second place, with 10m 36s, was Stu Bogg, whose record breaking completion of Steak and Stuff’s 64 ounce steak challenge, had made him a firm favourite to win.

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“I thought I had it in the bag,” he said.

Undeterred, Stu says he’ll be entering the main challenge, having picked up a few pointers from his victor, who had been dunking bread in water to aid chewing.

“I think I can do it faster now I know the trick,” he said.

Trudging home with a valiant third place after 23m 12s was Ben Bennett who showed unwavering determination to take the final bite despite nearly vomiting on several occasions.

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“The food tasted amazing but the challenge was disgusting,” he said.

“I would not have made it through without all the support.”

Michael left the trial confident in his expectations for next week’s main event and excited about what lies ahead.

“It was just amazing how much everyone had with it,” he said.

Next Friday, Michael and his team of helpers will be churning out hotdog after hotdog at the Marine Boathouse, where hundreds of stock car racing drivers, mechanics and enthusiasts gather each year in preparation for Skegness Stadium’s epic weekend of racing.

Bar owner Dean Gillison said he was initially overwhelmed by the sheer volume of visitors who came in their droves from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and even Holland.

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“It just blew us away,” he said.

“But now we’re geared up for it and it’s always a great weekend for us and the people who visit.”

Competitors next Friday will be invited to pay £6 for their hotdog to take part in heats of around eight at a time.

The fastest 15 out of all the heats will have their £6 refunded and entered into the final from 3.15pm the following day at Skegness Stadium, with the overall winner receiving £100 in prize money.

More than 200 drivers will then be battling it out over two days of frenzied stock car action during the stadium’s 30th annual Speed Weekend event.

“If you want to see car crashing, this is the way to do it,” he said Skegness Stadium’s Paul Brown,

Visit the Flame Grill Burger Co on Facebook to find out more or to contact Michael.

And for information on the Speed Weekend visit Skegness Stadium’s website