UPDATE: Water still out for many properties and Seathorne Primary School closed

UPDATE: Many properties between Skegness and Mablethorpe remain without water following a burst main earlier today, which has forced the closure of Seathorne Primary School.

Anglian Water announced at 11.30am that supplies were back in action though the burst main in Mumby had yet to be repaired.

At 12.10pm it clarified that ‘due to the large area affected it is taking some time to return supplies to all customers’.

Seathorne Primary School confirmed it had closed due to the water outage, though all other schools contacted stated they remained open.

Customers without water by 1pm are advised to call 0800 145145.

12:05 - Water supplies to properties between Skegness and Mablethorpe are reported to have been restored following earlier problems

Although Anglian Water is still repairing the burst main behind the problem it said supplies had been restored.

“If you are still experiencing no water or low water pressure after 12pm, please call 0800 145145 to speak to an advisor,” it said.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption to your service.”

10:56 - Properties along the coast from Skegness to Mablethorpe are reported to be experiencing low water pressure or no supply at all.

Anglian Water has apologised to customers and is currently attempting to resolve the problem.

In a statement, it said: “We apologise to customers in Skegness and Mablethorpe who currently have no water or low water pressure.

“We are working hard to determine the cause and to restore your supply as soon as possible.

“This message will be updated as soon as further information is available.

“Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption in your service.”

Reports by @IngoldChapFans on Twitter suggest a burst water main on Sea Lane, Ingoldmells, as the cause of the problem.