Unifying force in tourism trade stands down

A UNIFYING force behind Skegness’s thriving hospitality industry has stepped down from his role after four years of dedicated service to his trade and town.

Nigel Tett has retired as chairman of Skegness East Coast and Wolds Hospitality Association (SECHWA) to focus on his position as proprietor of the Palm Court Hotel and his family commitments.

In his time as chairman, SECHWA has expanded greatly in its role by joining forces with other key organisations to promote the town and contribute towards major tourist events.

He said: “When we started initially SECHWA was the coming together of two local groups - Skegness Hoteliers and Skegness Self Catering.

“One of our biggest successes is that after a lot of hard work that partnership has come together very well even though at the time we were poles apart. Since then we’ve become a trusted source of information on the tourism industry for the TV, radio and, of course, the Skegness Standard.

“We’ve built some good bridges between different organisations in the town, become an employer of staff with offices in the town hall and contributed to major events such as the AMCA Motorcross on Skegness Beach and the Illuminations Switch On.

“One of our other main successes has been our work on the Skegness tourism guides which had been languishing before but has now been brought back to the forefront - people have said that the last guide was the best one ever.”

Mr Tett has wished his successor George Facey of Beachlands Hotel every success in his new role and expressed his deepest thanks to his ‘right-hand man’ Colin Foran who also stepped down as executive secretary.

He continued: “I would like to pay tribute to my right-hand man Colin Foran - his loyalty and enthusiasm has been without question.

“I think we are on the right road to where we want to be and I would like to think our new chairman will continue steering us along the same course as we are now.”

Mr Facey was delighted to be appointed chairman and has thanked Mr Tett for his hard work to make SECHWA the organisation it is today.

“I’m hoping to advance the good work that had already been done by the previous chairman - he’s done an outstanding job - what we’ve now got in the town we never had before,” he said.

Mr Tett will continue to be an active member in SECHWA and is looking forward to working towards the launch a new website and a nationally accredited inspection process which is hoped to be ready within the next six months.