Traffic changes in Lumley Road plan

TRAFFIC alterations intended to rejuvenate Lumley Road, Skegness, will be presented to businesses and residents for their consideration.

Councillors, business leaders, Lincolnshire County Council officers and Skegness town centre manager Stefan Krause, have arrived at three possible options, which will be forwarded for public consultation.

At the latest meeting of the traffic flow group on Friday, Coun Mark Smith said: “This is about bringing life back into the town centre by having increased connectivity.”

The group initially formed to discuss the possibility of pedestrianising the whole of Lumley Road to make it a more vibrant and appealing street for shopping.

Following a traffic modelling exercise conducted by LCC pedestrianising Lumley Road was deemed to place too much strain on Richmond Drive and Sandbeck Avenue.

Several group members were disappointed to see their preferred option ruled out, believing that footfall was vital to the street’s success and that highways were focusing too much on traffic and not enough on the prosperity of retailers.

An alternative option was to create a one way system whereby traffic would be restricted to travelling westbound from the Clock Tower to Lumley Avenue and eastbound along Algitha Road. The section of Lumley Road west of Lumley Avenue would be unchanged.

This option would create partial pedestrianisation on the north side of Lumley Road, which could enable markets and special events to take place.

By allowing traffic to flow in both directions, albeit via a one way system, its impact on alternative routes was perceived to be less severe as complete pedestrianisation.

Another option, which had the backing of highways officers, was to prevent traffic joining Lumley Road from Lumley Avenue, which could possibly be pedestrianised, or used for additional parking spaces.

Both of these options contained scope for the creation of a bus stop at the Lumley Avenue junction, which Coun Jim Carpenter, also a Stagecoach employee, believes to be vital for bringing visitors to the town centre.

Stefan Krause felt that the pedestrianisation of Lumley Avenue would be ineffective as it had no ‘magnet’ at the other end to draw pedestrians along the street.

Opinions among the rest of the group varied with positive and negative aspects attributed to both options. A letter detailing both these options and a third of doing nothing to the traffic system but enhancing the area with new seating, will be sent to potentially affected businesses and residents.