Town sign twinning call made

SKEGNESS’S welcome sign should include the twinning town like other places, according to a resident.

Brenda Futers, resident and chairman of the Skegness Labour party, spoke during the public session of Skegness Town Council’s full meeting last Wednesday, to ask councillors why Skegness’s welcome signs od not include the names of the town’s twin settlements.

The town is twinned with the German town of Bad Gandersheim, and for over 30 years the members of the Twinning Association have fostered friendships with members of its counterpart association in Europe.

Every second year the association visits Germany, and last July saw the German representatives coming to Skegness. Meals are hosted for the guests and the associations raise money during the year, one big one being The Twinning Gala event.

Coun Deborah Milner said quotes were being looked at and Brian Chapman of the Carnival committee said that designs were being discussed.