Town council to take on Jolly

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ICONIC Skegness mascot, the Jolly Fisherman, is to be taken over by Skegness Town Council to help promote the town.

Previously, the Jolly Fisherman costume was owned by East Lindsey District Council and worn by its employees.

However due to constraints on staff time and finances, it hopes to pass these responsibilities on.

At a Skegness Town Council Direction and Strategy meeting last Wednesday, councillors looked into the feasibility of this and how they would operate it.

Coun Gary Ellis praised the ELDC staff member who had performed the role in the past, which he though would be difficult to match.

“The character of Jolly really comes through with the person in that suit - he has done a superb job,” he said.

“It’s not just walking around in the costume it’s knowing how to act, and the problem is sourcing volunteers who would take on the role in a similar manner.”

Town clerk Steve Larner, also explained that there were administrative burdens in taking control of the Jolly Fisherman including CRB checking people to wear it and booking his appointments.

Despite the costs and strain on resources, councillors were keen to take over the role so that Jolly could attend more Skegness events to help promote the town.

Coun Sid Dennis said: “As a new councillor I cannot understand why the Jolly Fisherman is not ours already, it seems to be an integral town council role.”

Coun Ellis also thought that Jolly could be used as a catalyst to promote better working relationships with other key organisations in the town such as SECHWA.

It was agreed that the role would be unpaid and voluntary.