Tesco’s Skegness expansion plan supported by Town Council

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A SUPERMARKET chain giant could be one step closer to securing its expansion plan after a Skegness Town Council committee voted to support the application.

However, councillors attached two conditions to their vote of support and entered a lengthy discussion about other potential opportunities for the surrounding area of the site at a planning committee last week.

The supermarket wants to expand to allow increased ranges of products for customers including non-food items such as clothes and household goods.

It also wants to increase its car parking spaces from 406 to 562 and provide two extra fuel pumps, a first floor customer cafe, a new ATM unit and toilet facilities.

The application would mean decreasing the neighbouring coach park from 75 spaces to 71.

Skegness town councillors voted to support the expansion plan but stated that the fuel station must include the supply of LPG fuel for customers use in the town.

Coun Mark Anderson said: “The petrol station should include an alternative fuel such as LPG. The alternative fuel should be put in as part of the conditions of the petrol station.”

They also voted to include a condition which could see a toilet facility created at a location in the coach park.

Councillors stated that the toilet facility would need to be managed and maintained by Tesco as concerns were raised about the availability of funds from East Lindsey District Council.

Coun Mark Smith said: “East Lindsey will not provide funds for another toilet.”

Councillors also discussed the possibility of a shelter to provide refuge for visitors and a place to store luggage but said that they would need to enter into further discussions with ELDC and the applicant.

At a previous planning committee meeting of ELDC in May, district councillors voted to defer making a decision on the proposals as the committee at that point had received no comments from the Town Council. Any final decisions on the plan will be made by ELDC.