Ten arrests in police metal theft crackdown

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POLICE in Lincolnshire have hailed a county-wide crackdown on metal theft a success after they made ten arrests and recovered hundreds of pounds of metal.

One of the arrests saw a man charged with stealing seven rolls of lead worth £650 from a building suppliers in Louth.

Three men were also arrested after a reel of traffic management cabling was recovered during the execution of a search warrant in the Boston area.

All three were bailed to return to a police station at a later date.

Sgt Mark Gee of Lincolnshire Police was involved in the operation. He said: “The regional week of action has proved to be a success and we will continue to work closely with our colleagues from the other regional forces.

“Metal theft is a priority to Lincolnshire Police and we will continue to target persons involved in these offences and deal robustly with any offenders.”

The crackdown was held in conjunction with police in Nottinghamshire.

And in total over 60 vehicles were stopped and searched in relation to the operation. Eight vehicles were siezed for no insurenace, 13 scrap yards were visited and 142 catalytic converters were marked to protect them from would-be criminals.

Other arrests made during the operation, which was codenamed Operation Brompton, included three men arrested for allegedly trying to steal lead from a disused building. One was charged and two cautioned.

Another man was arrested and charged in connection with the theft of an electric fence battery worth £100.

And one man was arrested on suspicion of burglary in Lincoln where copper pipes were being taken from a building. He was bailed for further enquiries.