SPILSBY Market will remain under the control of East Lindsey District Council after its plans to hand responsibility to the town council were shelved.

Discussions had been occurring between ELDC and town councils across the district to see whether localising the operation could cut costs.

Having failed to reach a viable way for this to proceed, ELDC has agreed to continue operating all four markets in the district and has vouched to make them more of a success.

Meanwhile Spilsby Town Council will continue to support the town’s traditional market and will lobby ELDC not to increase the rents for stall holders.

Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton said: “Spilsby is a market town and there will always be a market here, it is up to the people of the town, the town council and ELDC to work together to forge ideas to make the market more appealing.

“Shopping habits have changed and Spilsby’s indigenous population is too small to support the market without visitors from outlying villages, therefore we must entice these people to come to Spilsby but how we do that is the $65,000 question.”

The markets cost ELDC £63,000 a year to support but it believes this can be reduced by better promotion, closer working relationships with stall holders and by becoming more efficient.

One of the most substantial costs involved in the operation of markets is transporting the stalls around the district. Spilsby Town Council had looked into buying easier to store pop-up stalls that could have remained in the town to save on such costs. ELDC will now develop a plan with traders to better promote the market and reduce financial loss.