Solution to Ingoldmells broadband problems needs more public support

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A SOLUTION to Ingoldmells’ broadband connectivity problems has been identified but the community must show its desire for the technology to see it achieved, campaigners have announced.

Onlincolnshire, the organisation campaigning for superfast broadband throughout the county, recently met with Ingoldmells Community Group to discuss solutions to the village’s poor connectivity problem.

The group was particularly keen to address the issue after insufficient internet speeds jeopardized an exciting computer hub project it had set up for the community with £30,000 of National Lottery funding.

During last night’s meeting at the Royal Arthur Centre, a wi-fi transmitter was suggested as a means to improve connection speeds throughout the village and enable the free to use computer hub to operate in a viable manner.

Project coordinator Anthony Hall said: “Everyone is agreed that we want this service up and running so now we’ve got to find a solution to meet that demand.”

Although the project is relatively straight forward to impalement, provided a tall building can be identified to host the transmitter, Onlincolnshire and Ingoldmells Community Group believe local residents still need to do their bit by demonstrating to commercial suppliers their desire for the technology by signing an online petition.

Mr Hall added: Currently only 60 out of 975 properties in the village have registered their interest so we still need more public support.”

Even with the public support, however, further obstacles could still hamper the project.

European regulations governing the procurement of services with public money have yet to be formalised and until that happens no action can be taken.

Onlincolnshire hope the legislation will be complete by late September or early October but until then, the project and Ingoldmells’ broadband capabilities hang in the balance.

Lincolnshire County Council ward holder for Ingoldmells Rural Coun Colin Davie, has been a long-term advocate of bringing superfast broadband to Ingoldmells and the wider region and hopes this could be the solution the village has bene waiting for.

He said: “The good news is that there’s a deliverable solution to get high speed broad band in Ingoldmells.

“Unfortunately, the usual bureaucracy, this time from Europe, is holding up the delivery and we still need to get the public to sign up and prove the demand for the service is here.

“I’ve been a champion of high speed broadband for rural communities for a long time and I will remain that way because of the huge benefits it will bring to local people and businesses.”

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