Skegness welcomes comedy rap video’s marketing boost

A scene from 50 Sniffs' Fish Chips and Donkey Ridez (Skegness Summer Holiday)
A scene from 50 Sniffs' Fish Chips and Donkey Ridez (Skegness Summer Holiday)

A comedy rap video, paying homage to the seaside charms of Skegness, has won widespread local support on its course to become a sing-along summertime smash.

50 Sniffs’ Fish Chips and Donkey Ridez (Skegness Summer Holiday) has been viewed more than 65,000 times on YouTube in less than a week, gaining prestigious TV and radio exposure along the way.

The Boston based trio, Fiddy, Dizzle and Kizzle - AKA Jimmy May, David Vaughan and Jake Kelly - have been blown away by the immense response their humorous parody has provoked.

“It’s been crazy and emotional,” said lead rapper Jimmy.

“Me and Dave have been plugging away making music for years just as a bit of fun, so to see this be so well received has been quite humbling really.

“It’s also a little scary because now people are expecting us to come up with another.”

Set to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s hit single ‘Starships’, the video references many popular local attractions as it tells the story of a fun-filled day at the seaside, complete with donkey rides, fish and chips and sticks of rock.

Its infectious melody and funny lyrics have proved a big hit across the community, with dozens of appreciative comments left on the Standard’s Facebook page.

“I’ve got to get it as my ring tone, loved it,” wrote Wilson Steve.

“Absolutely love it - made my kids chuckle,” added Kirsty Robinson.

The Mayor of Skegness Coun Jim Carpenter has also given the video his seal of approval.

“I think it’s fantastic,” he said.

“It portrays the town in all sorts of ways and anything that brings more visitors is good with me.”

Less welcome, however, was the presence of beer cans throughout the video and the unflattering mention of dirty seawater.

“Don’t forget we’ve got our Blue Flag status,” added the mayor.

East Lindsey District Council’s portfolio holder for leisure, culture and tourism, Coun Adam Grist has also praised the video as ‘a fun way to celebrate some of Skegness’ great attractions’.

“The short film generated media coverage across the country for the resort and will hopefully tempt more visitors to the area,” he said.

Online searches for Skegness surged to their highest level since 2004 following the video’s release, according to local firm DP Online Marketing.

Digital account manager at DPOM Ben Sharpe believes the video’s unwitting success as a marketing tool has eclipsed the deliberate efforts of many official campaigns.

“Although it’s poking fun and having a laugh, it was a genuine belts and braces portrayal of what Skegness is about,” he said.

“Skegness is never going to be Monaco or the south of France, it’s a cheap and cheerful family resort and I think this is a more accurate portrayal than some of the previous attempts which seem to have taken themselves too seriously.”

Having made the video as ‘just a bit of fun’, however, 50 Sniffs were surprised to see their video used for marketing purposes.

“When we made it, it was never meant to be a promotional video for Skegness, it was just a bit of fun, so when we were told it was a great promotion for Skegness, it was a little bit weird,” said Jimmy.

50 Sniffs will be performing their hit single at Grand Central’s Beach Party on Thursday, August 29.

The video can be viewed here