Skegness Tower Gardens Inn set to be next home for business?

THE HISTORIC building in Tower Gardens in Skegness, known as the Inn, could be set to make a new home for a business shortly.

Coun and chairman Steve O’Dare spoke of the news at the Skegness Area Committee meeting last Monday, (July 4).

Coun O’Dare hinted that they “May have good news” in the future about the Inn and the details could be known in a “couple of months time.”

He said: “It’s no secret that East Lindsey District Council is spending £200,000 on renovating the fabric of the building.”

As reported in the Standard back in May, ELDC said they were exploring costs for the refurb work and looking at requirements needed to bring the disused building back to life.

Coun O’Dare also stated of the work needed and the potential for it to be used once more, “No business will renovate it rent free.”

The Inn was originally built in 1879 and have been vacant since the previous tenants left in 2007.

As a result, the building was left in a state of disrepair with a need for a new roof, new floors, new heating system, improved insulation and other internal repairs plus redecoration.

Back in May, Gary Sargeant, property services manager at the district council, said they had been speaking to people who had shown an interest in taking on the Inn.

But the overall feedback given, was that they wouldn’t take the building on unless ELDC upgraded the building and facilities.

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