Skegness tourism trailer management concerns raised

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DOUBTS have been raised over the competency of the organisation tasked with managing a publicity trailer, intended to promote Skegness as a holiday destination at major events.

Skegness Town Area Marketing Partnership (STAMP), which manages the trailer on behalf of Skegness Town Council, was unable to attend either of the events it was scheduled to visit so far this year.

On hearing of the trailer’s inactivity, several councillors have expressed worries about STAMP’s ability to fulfil its requested duties.

Speaking at a the council’s latest meeting on Wednesday Coun Steve O’Dare said: “I have concerns as to whether STAMP will be able to deliver - two dates have gone already without the trailer’s attendance.”

Although Coun Mark Anderson defended STAMP chairman and town centre manager Stefan Krause by explaining the cancellations were down to the venues rather than any failure on his part, others cast doubt over the value of the events the trailer had been scheduled to attend.

Coun Phil Kemp said: “I’m disappointed with the list of venues - I’m not convinced we’ve got it right.”

Faced with these concerns, councillors questioned whether the £4,900 it had agreed to give to STAMP to manage the trailer was being wasted.

However, a report by town clerk Steve Larner explained that the council had only agreed to fund projects that actually take place meaning that no payments would be made for the two cancelled events.

Councillors were also mindful of being excessively critical of STAMP given that it had only been given responsibility for the trailer because the town council was unable to carry out the task itself.

A group of dedicated councillors used to give up their time free of charge to take the trailer to dozens of events ever year, enticing visitors to holiday in the resort.

This year, however, they were unable to continue with the task, prompting the council to seek STAMP’s assistance. With every pound spent on publicity estimated to bring as much as £44 back to the town, councillors remained cautiously supportive of STAMP.