Skegness pub faces licence removal following evidence of drug taking on premises

A Skegness pub could have its licence revoked after evidence of repeated drug taking was discovered during a series of police visits.

East Lindsey District Council will carry out a review of the Lincolnshire Nailer’s premises licence on Wednesday, December 5, following a police application seeking its revocation.

Police had gathered intelligence about drug taking at the Roman Bank premises dating back to August 2011, leading to a series of visits, which ‘indicated the presence of controlled drugs throughout the building.’

A member of the bar staff was arrested for drug possession on September 28, 2012, during another visit, which revealed more evidence of drug taking.

The police report states: “The intelligence/ information received by Lincolnshire Police, the drug itemiser swabbing results, the arrest of the bar staff and the search findings at the premises all serve to indicate that the premises is being used for the misuse of controlled drugs.”

The Nailer’s licence holder, premises supervisor and staff were also thought to have made no ‘determined efforts to address the matter.’

The district council’s licensing act 2003 sub-committee has been recommended to choose from a number of appropriate steps including modification, suspension or revocation of the licence, removal of the designated premises supervisor or the exclusion of a licensable activity from the scope of the licence.