Skegness hotel approval gets a mixed reception

THE APPROVAL of plans for a 98-bed hotel on the Skegness Foreshore has drawn a mixed reaction from the public.

One guest house owner said he was ‘disappointed’ but not ‘surprised’ that outline plans had been granted.

“I’m disappointed that it was accepted by East Lindsey but I’m not surprised despite all the discussion about it,” said Trevor Burnham, owner of the Carmelle in Castleton Boulevard.

Trevor, who thinks Skegness needs attractions rather than hotel, said: “Let’s give Skegness something they can see and use, like the beach racing, rather than bed space.”

And many hoteliers and guest house proprietors previously feared that it could drive them out of business and attractions were what the town needed most.

“I think there are still fears that it will take business away from other hotels as in August, some were only half full,” added Trevor.

The applicant, Lincs Design Consultancy (LDC), put forward plans for a hotel and leisure complex on the current site of Fun City in North Parade.

The hotel, which could be as tall as 15 storeys, was faced with criticism in August when the town’s public and businesses first heard of the plans.

But the applicant feels the development has ‘great potential’ for Skegness.

Speaking of the approval news, Guy Kemp, managing director for LDC, said: “This is a fantastic project to be involved with and one we have had great pleasure in securing planning permission for.

“The scheme has taken a long time in development and has great potential for the town of Skegness and if it wasn’t for the vision of the land owner and East Lindsey District Council this would not have happened.

“The philosophy of the whole project is to regenerate this area in providing a focal point building and encourage the use of the attractions from the central area north along Grand Parade.

“By creating this exciting new hotel development new and old visitors will be attracted to the area which in turn will benefit the local economy and businesses and also will generate considerable more employment in the area.”

And Skegness Coun George Saxon agrees that it would be a good thing for the town and attract new cliental, he said “I think it’s a good thing for the town to move forward. As long as it was done properly I’m sure it would suit everyone.

Coun Saxon also thought that it would ‘revitalise’ the North Parade end of town and he commented that ‘nothing had really been done there apart from the X-Site centre’ and the hotel could bring a ‘whole new outlet for the town’ and the modern facilities would allow for ‘conference trade’.

Skegness Town Council voted twice against the application citing parking and traffic issues, breaking with the town’s character and previous consultation, which identified public disapproval of building hotels on the Foreshore.