Skegness cashier meets World Cup legend Gordon Banks

Patricia and Gordon.
Patricia and Gordon.

A cashier at the Skegness branch of Barclays bank recently met 1966 world cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks as he loaned his support to a campaign to help the older generation understand how internet banking works.

Patricia Judd, one of Barclays bank’s 3,500 ‘digital eagles’, enlisted to help older people across the country discover the internet for the first time, is affectionately known as ‘IPAT’ by her colleagues.

Barclays research finds that if the older generation were to ‘get in the net’ like Gordon, they could net savings of £742 a year by getting online.

After receiving help from Pat, Gordon said: “For someone like me who didn’t grow up with a telly, let alone the internet, it can seem a pretty daunting place.

“But now that I’ve got some of the basics from Barclays, having access to the internet has opened up a whole new world.

“I’ve been catching up on Emmerdale and watching YouTube clips of my Pele save, as well as doing my banking online, of course.”