Skegness ‘bucks’ cool spring

This spring is officially the coldest in the UK for over 50 years - but the Skegness area appears to have bucked the trend slightly in recent weeks.

Although the area was very cold, espeically in the early months of spring, recent weeks have sent the mercury up to roughly the same level as recent years.

And although plants took much longer than normal to bloom, it appears Skegness has made up for lost time slightly.

Skegness weatherman Brian Porter, who gathers climate data for the Met Office in the local area, said that this May’s average daily maximum temperature was on a par with two of the previous three years.

The average daily high tipped in at 14C, level with May 2012 and 2010, but three degrees down on May 2011.

The average minimum was down a degree on last year at 7C, but May 2013 was significantly drier.

In 2012 59mm of rainfall was recorded, but this year it was well down, at just 38.2mm - a fall of 35 per cent.