Skegness bride taken to wedding in vintage tractor

Jane Burnhan (nee Brain) and the vintage Chruch Farm tractor.
Jane Burnhan (nee Brain) and the vintage Chruch Farm tractor.

The key to a perfect wedding, as every bride knows, is precision planning.

From the guests’ arrival through to the cutting of the cake, every moment must proceed like clockwork.

So when a 65-year-old tractor with a ‘temperamental personality’ arrived to take this blushing bride to her special day, you could imagine what the reaction was.

“Oh my God - how am I going to get on that?” said Jane Burnham (nee Brain).

“I could hear a rumbling and it sounded like the Skegness land train - that would have been different in itself - but when I looked outside and saw the tractor I couldn’t believe it.”

Jane’s fiancée Trevor, owner of the Carmelle Hotel in Skegness, had bravely booked a vintage tractor from The Village, Church Farm to take her to their wedding on Saturday.

“He was sweating about it all week,” said Jane

But despite her initial concern, Jane soon warmed to her unusual wedding carriage, which saw her safely to the Southview Hotel - despite one or two minor hiccups along the way.

“It was so different, all the people we passed were waving and tooting their horns - it was a great experience,” she said.

Chauffeuring on this pioneering voyage was local photographer, district councillor and Church Farm volunteer John Byford, who hopes more couples may choose the unusual mode of transport.

“I’ve done some strange things in life and you never know what’s waiting round the corner but I would never have expected to be driving a bride to her wedding on a 1945 tractor,” he said.

Jane and Trevor have thanked The Village, Church Farm, Southview, John and all the guests who shared their special day.