Skegness Amateur Swimming Club members need your vote.

Skegness Amateur Swimming Club members need your vote.
Skegness Amateur Swimming Club members need your vote.
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Skegness Amateur Swimming Club need the people of Skegness and surrounding areas to vote for them in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 by Friday, October 10.

The more votes they get, the more money we will be awarded and the club are desperate for the funds so that they can replace old equipment, get their volunteers fully trained and ‘have a fighting chance against the better funded swimming clubs in Lincolnshire’.

By encouraging the public to vote, Skegness Amateur Swimming Club has a chance to be awarded a grant of up to £3,000 from Lloyds Bank to enable it to continue doing its work in the community.

The club was started just over six years ago and in the last two years, has seen a tremendous

improvement within the club, now boasting approximately 40 members swimming on a regular basis.

The majority of the members are children from the ages of 7 up to 17.

Improvements have been seen in the results obtained when travelling to competitions and the club thanks the hard work

and dedication of the volunteer coaches and children.

The purpse of the organisation aims to:

- Encourage children to lead a healthy life style and to enjoy a sport.

- Represent Skegness and the surrounding East Coast on a sporting level at district, county

and maybe one day National level.

- To give children the confidence to be good at something.

- To allows children who can swim improve on a valuable life skill, which could one day be used to save a life or be part of a career.

- Allow all abilities to take part, especially children with disabilities that cannot play high impact

sports eg Rugby.

- Encourage children to develop a competitive nature, whilst having fun.

- support and use the District Council run Embassy Pool in Skegness which helps with the sustainability of a public facility especially in winter.

- Allow children from other parts of Lincolnshire, which have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place at other swimming clubs, take part and develop skills.

- Allow children who are not naturally team players to be part of a team whilst achieving personal goals.

- To enable children and adults to swim locally, as in the past they have had to travel to Louth, Boston or Lincoln to be part of an Amateur Swimming Club.

- To mainly benefit the East Coast Community from children through to Adults of all ages.

The club is funded by a monthly subscription from each member to cover the cost of pool hire, the facilities at the Embassy Swimming Pool and Insurances.

The club also has to fundraise to be able to purchase lane ropes, starting blocks, team kit, stop watches to name but a few pieces of equipment and to send the team of volunteers on training courses to be able to deliver the coaching skills and time

keeping skills taught at the club.

All funds raised would go towards: Anti wave lane ropes, team kit, coaching training and travel to competitions.

The Lloyds Bank Community Fund was set up to help local people across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man to have a positive impact at the heart of their community by giving grants to up to 1,400 local good causes in 350 communities.

There are four good causes shortlisted in each community and Lloyds Bank is inviting everyone to vote for the causes they’d most like to support.

Members of the public can vote for their preferred community group on-line, by SMS or Twitter, or in a branch of Lloyds bank until October 10 2014.

The local good cause that receives most votes in each community will receive an award of £3,000, with the other groups receiving £2,000, £1,000 or £500 depending on the votes received.

You can find out more about the Community Fund and Skegness Amateur Swimming Club and cast your vote by visiting the Lloyds Bank Community Fund website at