Should alcohol be sold on Ingoldmells beach?

The Crazy Camel Bar on Ingoldmells beach.
The Crazy Camel Bar on Ingoldmells beach.
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A dispute has broken out about whether a bar should be allowed to sell alcohol from Ingoldmells beach.

Simon Adderley, owner of Joe’s Beach Bar and much of the Ingoldmells shoreline, has launched a new bar on the beach near Butlin’s.

Although it has not been granted a licence to sell alcohol, Mr Adderley had hoped to operate the Crazy Camel Bar under a temporary events notices licence (TENS) over a recent weekend.

He has accused Butlin’s of attempting thwart his efforts to ‘create a point of interest’ by closing its beach gates over that weekend.

“I think they are being extremely shortsighted,” he said.

“The beach has been a featureless, uninspiring area for a long time and we are trying to do is create a point of interest to give people a true event experience and the feedback we’ve had has been amazing.

“We feel that it adds a great buzz to the Butlin’s holiday experience and they should be supporting it.”

However Butlin’s resort director Chris Baron says he has ‘serious concerns’ about alcohol being sold near a family resort, particularly when quad bikes are also being rented out.

Speaking at the latest Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce meeting, Mr Baron said: “We’ve never objected to a licence but this one seriously concerns us - I don’t want a karaoke bar with quad bikes on a beach where people take their children.”

Mr Baron says the bar’s initial licence application had been objected to by the police and the Coastguard ‘are not happy about it’ either.

Given these objections he feels it inappropriate that the bar can open for the next 10 weekends using the TENS licence and fears it may set a precedent for other beach bars.

“It’s the thin edge of the wedge,” he said.

Other chamber members also felt it inappropriate and agreed to write a letter objecting to the proposals to East Lindsey District Council’s licensing officer.

“Alcohol and motor vehicles should not mix,” said Kris Bell.

After the meeting, Mr Baron also added that the closing of the resort’s beach facing gates had only been a temporary measure on that weekend.

He feared the nature of the event taking place meant Butlins’ guests that weekend were particularly prone to the potential dangers.