Sewage stink sparks new public meeting

THE Ingoldmells sewage stink problem has sparked a second public meeting with Anglian Water.

The water firm has agreed to return to the village with an update on the work currently taking place in the area.

Residents will also be given the opportunity to voice any concerns or questions they may have regarding the matter.

The new meeting will take place on Monday (January 16) at 1pm at the Royal Arthur Centre.

It hopes to confront and ultimately rectify any issues that residents and business owners of Ingoldmells may have with the efforts currently in progress.

Residents plagued by the persistent stench are also being urged to continue with efforts to identify local odour hotspots in the area.

Locals are being asked to fill out the feedback cards with the date, time and location (wind direction if possible) of the smell, and rank said smell from 1 to 10, 10 being the strongest.

The Neighbourhood Residents Forum fears that the falling number of cards being returned to the water company could limit the progress being made to combat the issue, but believes that there is still time for residents to help change their community.

Affected residents and councillors have been left outraged as works carried out in the area seem to have had little effect on the pervading smell of sewage engulfing the seaside resort.

Maurice Darnell, Chairman of Ingoldmells Neighbourhood Management has attributed the problem to the network of sewage pipes leading to the treatment plans, which he believes are too narrow to cope with the regions summer population. Darnell says: “ I have been dealing with Anglian Water for the last 7 years but the problem has been going on for 25 years.” He adds: “ but getting the attention of local MP’s has really helped move the issue forward.”

The unpleasant aromas have been an ongoing issue of contention for those who reside in the village of Ingoldmells for several years, and it wasn’t until recently that measures started being put in place to deal with the disturbance. Residents have so far been unimpressed with the limited success of the efforts made to deal with the problem.

However, improvement plans costing around £800,000 were announced by Anglian Water in September. Though the plans were initially met with a weary response, Maurice Darnell has said: “The idea they are using is based on one from Paris where they had a similar thing. £300,000 is being spent on the actual problem whilst a further £500,000 is needed for general maintenance.” He adds: “Anglian Water are predicting a 95% success rate and I am extremely optimistic about this.”

The plans are due for completion in Spring of this year, and sceptical residents hoping for an end to their plight have been encouraged to attend.

Information cards are still available from Ingoldmells Parish Council office and odours can also be reported on 08457 1451415.