Sewage smells are ‘worse than ever’

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SEWAGE smells have returned to Ingoldmells ‘worse than ever’ and Anglian Water ‘must deliver a long term solution to the problem’, residents and councillors have demanded.

The persistent problem of noxious odours emitting from the village’s treatment plant, was a hot topic of conversation at Lincolnshire County Council’s Big Conversation Roadshow in the village on Monday night.

Members of the public called on the county council’s executive board to help them fight the problem, which has been plaguing the village for more than 20 years.

Chairman of Ingoldmells Parish Council Coun John Arnott-Watson said that Anglian Water’s chemical dosing tactics to mask the smell had been partially effective in early summer, but the problem had returned ‘worse than ever’ in August.

He said: “It’s now like living next to an open sewer day and night and that’s what we’ve got to put up with.”

Other residents also complained that the problem was getting worse, deterring holidaymakers from visiting and causing businesses to suffer.

“We can’t open the windows, we get chest infections and all they say is they will make the dosing stronger,” said one resident.

“I’ve got grandchildren who start vomiting if they play outside, it’s got worse and worse and worse,” said another.

The county council’s ward holder for Ingoldmells, Coun Colin Davie, believes the current system is completely inadequate to cope with the population that has increased along the coast in the past two decades.

He has pledged to demand a long term solution from Anglian Water, which in his view requires a completely new treatment plant for the coast.

“The bottom line is that we need to put or foot down once and for all,” he said.

“We need to make sure Anglian Water deliver a long term solution and we should stop listening to their excuses.”

Others agreed that the chemical dosing solution was ineffective and a waste of money.

Coun Davie added: “We’ve given Anglian Water a chance to fix the 
problem this year and they’v failed totally.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’ve reached the end of the road with them.”

Following the meeting Coun Davie discussed the issue further with the county council’s leader Coun Martin Hill and together they have agreed to secure a long term solution for the people of Ingoldmells.

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