Praise for Skegness town manager

Skegness town manager Stefan Krause.
Skegness town manager Stefan Krause.

A pivotal figure behind important advancements in Skegness has won the praise of the town’s councillors and business community.

Skegness town manager Stefan Krause was lauded emphatically during Wednesday’s town council meeting from councillors who felt he had done a ‘great job’.

Coun Ken Milner said: “A lot of people do knock Skegness but before he was town centre manager this town had a lot of opportunities for funding which it missed out on.

“Thanks to what Stefan is doing, we’ve for a lot of schemes ready to do and I think he has done a great job.”

Stefan’s expertise in applying for European pockets of funding has helped the town’s bid for £1.2 million for the covered canopy project at Scarbrough Esplanade reach the final stage of approval.

The Major of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson, who worked with Mr Krause on the ambitious project, believes his role in bringing people together has been instrumental in its success so far.

“We all set up the Skegness Partnership and it’s the first time that the public and private sector in Skegness is getting to grips with the issues, why we’ve failed before and proved that it can be done,” he said.

“We are getting our act together and putting our community first and that’s important to me.”

Business leaders have also praised his work uniting previously diverging factions within the town under the common purpose of improving their community.

Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce chairman Glenis Brown said: “He has really brought all the many business people together, all sorts of groups together we are working well, we are doing more good than we’ve ever done before.

“It’s grass roots at the moment and we’ve still got to get the prize for all these different projects we’ve been working on, but when they start to come to fruition I think everyone will be surprised about what’s been happening.”