Praise for extended season

TOWN councillors voted to support a planning application which could see a caravan park opening for a longer season.

The applicant, Blue Anchor Leisure Limited, of The Haven Peacehaven Caravan Park in Burgh Road, put forward a plan to only close for around two months and be open from March 1 to October 31.

Councillors on the Planning and Planning Policy committee held last Tuesday, felt this was a positive sign for the town.

Coun Mark Anderson, said: “The town is heavily dependent on tourism and we should protect what we’ve got.”

He also felt it would in turn ‘provide jobs’ and a more ‘stable economy’.

“I welcome this and any other applicants favourably,” Coun Anderson added.

Mayor Coun Steve Kirk commented that if the season ‘was extended it should reflect it in planning applications’ where he then moved to support the plan.

Coun George Saxon also supported the application in line with the other councillors. He also reminded the council of past concerns from The Environment Agency over flooding issues but added that he thought if the site was closed for those two months it would not pose an issue

Glenis Brown, chairman of the Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce, felt the extension was very positive news for the town.

“I’ve heard some caravan parks are set to open in February instead of March and this is a positive thing for the town after some of the doom and gloom,” she said.

“Caravan owners will be delighted to be coming back early and all we need now is some lovely sunshine in Skegness.

And Glenis felt that caravans are so ‘well insulated’ that opening early wouldn’t be an issue.