Petrol pump price war is praised

THE chair of the Skegness & District Chamber of Commerce has praised a local supermarket for working to keep petrol prices as low as possible.

Glenis Brown singled out the Morrisons store in Skegness for praise, arguing that its forecourt price war is forcing other petrol stations in Skegness to keep their prices amongst the lowest in the area.

And she believes that will be a big help to cash-strapped motorists feeling the pinch from the huge price rises of recent years.

She said: “I’m so grateful to Morrisons because they’ve kept the price down in Skegness.

“It’s something like £1.36 for diesel and, wherever else you go, you can’t see it cheaper than that. Because they’re keeping it down everyone else has had to keep it down as well. I think that has been a big help to motorists in Skegness.”