Petition launched in new hotel fight

HOTELIERS and businesses in town have launched an online petition to fight against a 98 bed hotel being built on Skegness Foreshore.

As reported in last week’s Standard the planning application was met with mixed reactions from the local community.

Hoteliers feared the plans for the hotel and leisure complex on the current Fun City amusements site would drive them out of business and attractions were what the town needed most.

This reaction was echoed during the pubic forum section of the Skegness Town Council meeting, held last Tuesday.

Owner of the Carmelle on Castleton Boulevard, Trevor Burnham stated that ‘attractions were what the town needed’ and another lady said businesses were ‘already struggling with overheads’.

Another member of the public felt that the foreshore was the ‘wrong site’ and said a large hotel would only ‘increase traffic congestion’.

Hoteliers also voiced their concerns over what they felt were derogatory remarks which were made in the planning application documents.

It described the town’s guesthouses as ‘outdated and not particularly appealing to the majority of people’.

One man said of the remarks that they were ‘terribly wrong’ as he said he worked hard to achieve the visit England status and continued to maintain the standard at his business.

However, just one member of the public, Paul Marshall, said he was for it, saying it would enable Skegness to have a conference centre and it would allow tourists to have more choice of where to stay in town.

Now a group of hoteliers, guest house owners and Bed and Breakfast proprietors are stepping up their fight by starting an online campaign.

The petition group was born out of a survey a few of the businesses’ owners conducted which asked, ‘Should there be another hotel in Skegness or more attractions?’

And according to their figures, only two of the 40 businesses asked were for the hotel – the rest wanted more attractions.

The group were also due to attend the planning committee meeting of Skegness Town Council last night, which was held after the Standard went to print. Speaking before the meeting, Trevor Burnham, said: “People come to Skegness to see the attractions not hotels.”

Any final decisions on the proposal will be made by ELDC.

The protestors have a Facebook page at ‘Say no to new 98 bedroom hotel in Skegness’.