Owner defends time delay at foreshore site

An owner of a prominent Skegness seafront site has spoken out to defend why nothing has yes been built to help allay concerns.

Taj Bola stepped up to say an ‘obstructive neighbour’ had put a stain on the plans to develop the Grand Parade complex, which burnt down in 2007.

Speaking during the public session of the Skegness Town Council meeting, last Wednesday, he said many had questioned ‘why it have taken so long’ to start work and explained that he had held a meeting with East Lindsey District Council planners in November to discuss ongoing issues.

Mr Bola claimed he was still waiting for a response from his neighbour but was ‘yet to hear anything from them,’ regarding the issue and a possible resolution.

A resubmitted plan to the develop the site has been put forward after the original plan, which was granted permission in 2010, was due to expire later this month as no building had begun.

Fears have been raised by Skegness councillors regarding the potential for further delays if the permission is granted, which could potentially mean another three years before work begins on the site, which has already lain undeveloped for six years.

The resubmitted plan, includes a nightclub complex, with bars, dance floors, a DJ podium, a food area, a club with a balcony plus various leisure facilities.

Some time ago, East Lindsey District Council put forward plans to consider a compulsory purchase order on the site, which still remains an option but cannot be taken forward at present ‘due to complexities’, the council claim.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Bola said he has been ‘battling this site for years’ and claims it is costing him a ‘considerable amount of money’ all the time nothing is built.

Although he doesn’t want to sell the site he said pressures may leave him no option in the end.

The Standard contacted Bell Leisure, owners of the site neighbouring the Grand Parade complex but by the time of print, no reply had been received.