Online petition opposed to potential site


Since The Standard’s exclusive story on potential investment by way of a national hotel chain coning to Skegness - a group has set up an online petition opposed to the idea.

The online petition asks supporters against the proposal to ‘Please sign this petition to prevent our foreshore from being ruined by a massive tower block hotel’.

Adding: ‘If this is allowed where will the building end? We will lose all our Seashore’.

Meanwhile, Nigel Tett, chairman of Skegness East Coast and Wolds Hospitality Association (SECHWA) has spoken to say he is not opposed to a national chain, just the proposed location.

He said: “We welcome it, at it helps to put Skegness on the map.

“What we would oppose to is if it becomes detrimental to the local businesses that have become the backbone of Skegness’s hotel trade for many tears.”

“I do feel that there are better locations to erect a large building of this kind, as there are fears that if a structure is built there, it may block off the sea views of hotels in that location as these hotels make a living out of selling thousands of sea view bedrooms a year.

“We are not against it coming, however our main grievance is the Pier Field location that is currently being talked about.”

tition/save-skegness-forshore to view the online petition.