Northcote Centre’s latest fun-filled event a big draw

Action at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre at the weekend.
Action at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre at the weekend.

HUNDREDS flocked to a heavy horse centre’s latest crowd-pleaser event and organisers have deemed it ‘the most successful yet’.

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre held one of its biggest events in its annual calendar on Sunday and a whole host of festivities were enjoyed in the glorious sunshine.

“It was the most successful event yet and it was very good. Lots of people came down and we raised vital funds,” said Terena Bolam for the centre.

Through the sparkling array of traditional costume, armoury, skill at arms, food and refreshments, the centre managed to raise around £2,500.

“It’s a good amount but we do still have concerns for the future and if anyone would like to donate any hay bales then that would be fantastic, as we have a large bill for that and have to put some aside for the winter,” added Terena.

Many families and guests stayed all day to enjoy the events, including the stunning birds of prey, have-a-go archery, gymnastics on horseback, fire performances, a musical dog show, mounted skill at arms and lots more.

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the end of August and, during September, it will be open on Wednesdays.

Visitors can now look forward to the centre’s next big event during Halloween in October but hands-on fun and a good family day out is available at the centre too.

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